Solution to manage all the daily activities going on in Jewelry Organization

Design / Master SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
Order Process, Stages Follow-up, Order Tracking
M.R.P: dynamic material requirement planning provides exact Inventory Requirement LIVELY.
Worker Performance, Worker (Metal/ Stone) Ledger, Worker (Gold/ Diamond/ Color Stone) Loss Control.
Rejection / Repair Analysis.
Dual Inventory: Accounts and Actual Inventory Control.
Approval (Stone) Concept.
Simplify, Flexiable with Multi Screen operational.
Gold / Diamond / Color Stone / Multi Department Control.
Advance control tool: Search/ Filter/ Grouping/ Ageing/ Column Width in reporting.
Precise User Access Control – User Rights.
Dashboard: Order, Worker In progress, Job Bag, Shipment, Accounts, Inventory
Estimation / Quotation
Product Planning coving JOB Order, Job Cycle, Job Inventory Requirement.
Manufacturing: Waxing, Casting, JOB Work, Sub-Contract, and Flexible User Define Process
Q.C: Quality Control, Costing, Pricing Flexibility.
Catalogue: Databank, Manufacturing Item, Ready Stock, Sold Item, Sales.
Purchase Control (Metal/ Mounting/ Finding/ Ready Items).
Accounting Standard: Outstanding, Ledger, Financial Accounting.
Multi User on same screen with real time working.
Catalogue Slide Show Presentation.
Aging in Order/ Work in Progress/ Shipment/ Outstanding.
Tag and Barcode Printing: Inventory, Manufacturing, Sale, Ready Stock, Catalogue, Documents.